Powermatic I, 150 and Mini

Powermatic I, 150, and Mini


Save 90% of the cost of manufactured cigarettes and smoke better tobacco


Making your own cigarettes eliminates cigarette manufacturers' profits and excessive taxation.


Make it easy for your customers to use their personal manufacturing exemption. and make their own cigarettes.

Powermatic I

Powermatic I is a precision manual machine. Simplifying the compaction movement with a simple up and down design.  The Powermatic I is made with the same great craftsmanship as the entire Powermatic line. Machine is capable of both kingsize and 100mm tubes.

Powermatic 150

The newest in the evolution of manual Powermatic cigarette machines, the Powermatic 150 is an ergonomically improved Powermatic One. Using an innovative clutch mechanism, the Powermatic 150 is able to provide the same function as the Powermatic I. All metal construction in the frame of the 150 keeps the machine rigid and greatly reduces the likelihood of jams.

Powermatic Mini

Powermatic Mini is the smallest member of the powermatic family. For RYO and MYO on the go. Friendly to most brands of tobacco the Powermatic Mini will fill kingsize and 100mm tubes easily. A pride in craftsmanship makes the Mini stand out among the crowd.

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