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It was time consuming to make your own cigarettes before the Powermatic lll was invented in 2017.  Now smokers can make a perfect pack of cigarettes in about two minutes and save about $7 a pack.  They can save 90% of the cost of manufactured cigarettes and smoke better tobacco.  Making your own cigarettes eliminates cigarette manufacturers’ profits and excessive taxation.  

Make it easy for your customers to use their personal manufacturing exemption and make their own cigarettes.  


Powermatic III – The machine  that revolutionizes making your own cigarette.  


Fan Bao, the creator of the Powermatic Series

of make your own cigarette machines grew up in Wenzhou, China. Wenzhou is a seacoast City of about 3 Million people. It was founded about 2,000 years ago. Wenzhou, translates into “a mild and pleasant land.” Emigrants from Wenzhou are known throughout the world for their industry and their entrepreneurial spirit. They have started many businesses across the globe.

Fan didn’t start out to be an entrepreneur. He attended Wenzhou Medical College, became a Surgeon and practiced medicine for five years. In 1988, he had the opportunity to emigrate to Australia. He landed in Australia, with the $200 his father gave him when he left China. Though he was unable to speak English he obtained a job in a factory. He continued to look for opportunities.

Remembering that Wenzhou is the world’s leader in manufacturing lighters, with over five hundred companies making lighters, he opened a distributing business selling lighters in Australia. He soon began designing and selling his own lighters.

Mr. Bao believes in the old maxim “find a need and fill it”. He also believes in doing it better than it is being done. He visited the United States in 2002 and discovered an opportunity to make and sell a superior line of souvenirs. The items he produced sold quickly in the United States market. His penchant for quality paid off.

In 2004, he decided smokers needed an efficient make your own cigarette machine.

Existing Roll Your Own machines such as the Supermatic and the Top-o-matic had been invented decades before and few changes or improvements had been made over that time. The machines are clumsy, hard to operate machines. Since many people who make their own cigarettes tend to be older, he felt an easy to operate machine needed to be made. Fan decided he could make a machine that could be used by anyone. He also developed a Twenty First Century look and feel for his machines and his packaging.

While being a mild and pleasant man from a mild and pleasant land, Fan is a perfectionist. He combines his father’s engineering background with the precision he learned as a surgeon. His overall personal drive is the result of his cultural heritage. His goal is to have zero defects in his machines.

The Powermatic Revolution started with the Powermatic 2, which is an electric machine. The Powermatic 1 was introduced in 2012 and it is an efficient and lower priced manual machine. The Mini is a smaller machine that can be used as a portable machine. The Powermatic 150 was introduced in 2016. This year Powermatic is introducing the Powermatic 3 which is Fan’s first automatic fill machine.

The six Powermatic machines are the result of Fan Bao’s unique background including the entrepreneurial spirit of his home city, his years as a surgeon, and his desire to make perfect machines.

Fan Bao, his wife Cathy, and their daughter Nadine live in Los Angeles and sell Powermatic cigarette machines throughout the world.